Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Being Sick

chibiguri is not feeling well. He has the sniffles and his breathing is nto free, which makes it hard for him to nap as he is accustomed to. When he goes to bed, he snuffles miserably until he finally gets tired enough that he falls to sleep in spite of himself. In addition, he is intermittently expelling the contents of his stomach (particularly after a milk-session) and he has a penchant for wiping his runny nose on anything handy (shirts, pants, bedsheets, towels, etc.).

last night, chibiguri was particularly tired, as he did not take a nap due to his ill-health. So in the middle of Monday Night Football, he decided tha it was time for bed. Now when chibiguri decides that it is bedtime, this is not limited merely to him. No, he needs the entire family to keep him company while he works himself off to sleep. And he enjoys using the bodies of said family for the requisite pre-sleeping exercises- climbing, sitting on heads, kicking while he find the optimal position and of course as footstools.

in any event, chibiguri went off to bed with Amaguri and me, and we hoped that he would rapidly go to sleep. Unfortunately, this was the farthest thing from chibiguri's intent. After the usual shenanigans, which included looking out the window while standing on my head, sitting on the same head and insisting on bringing the collection of bedtime toys to bed with him (we refused to allow him to bring the Indian corn and the pumpkins), he finally drank his juice and we thought he would be going to sleep. Uh, no.

Instead, he seemed to become even more awake, which eventually led Amaguri to take him back to the liviniv room for a second viewing of the Baby Einstein 'Baby Van Gogh' DVD. Once he finished that, he did finally fall to sleep on our bed, though he did drool slightly on our pillows (after he tried and failed to remove Amaguri's pillowcase). However, his peaceful sleep did not last very long.

I am not sure at what time he awoke, but he had a very noisy awakening in the middle of the night, which forced Amaguri to get up and comfort our sick little boy until he went back to sleep. However, he awoke once again around 6AM, and when I departed, he was back on Amaguri's pillow.

Poor little chibiguri is not used to being sick, so he is not handling the situation very capably. However, despite his sleeping difficulties, he is not particularly troublesome in most other areas. he3 has not developed a bad manner, nor has he shown any other bad habits. Actually, I am quite pleased at how well he is handling things. Aside from his sleeping difficulties, chibiguri is not much changed. And most of his crankiness can be directly traced to his difficulties in napping and sleeping. At that age, if one does not get the sleep one's body requires, I suspect that we would be more than a little cranky too!

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Monday, October 15, 2007


He's a Musician!

chibiguri has long taken an interest in my many musical instruments. However, aside from my little baritone horn, he has yet to prove himself able to produce a sound on any of them. this all changed this past weekend.

I was watching chibiguri while Amaguri was working, and as usual, I had my tuba in hand, as I was intending to do a little work on my chops. chibiguri also as usual crawled on my lap, as he does when something other than himself occupies my attention, and he expressed an interest in putting his little mouth on the mouthpiece. I was agreeable to this idea, and proceeded to show chibiguri how to form a rudimentary embouchure.

After demonstrating the possible results once or twice, I lowered the mouthpiece to chibiguri, and to my surprise, he proceeded to blow a recognizable note on the instrument! Not quite sure if this was a fluke, I invited chibiguri to repeat the perfromance, which he was not quite able to do. I repeated the demonstration of how to blow into the instrument, whereupon chibiguri proceeded for the second time to blow a recognizable note.

Once Amaguri returned home, I had chibiguri demonstrate his newfound prowess, which he finally did over the past weekend. So he can now blow two instruments- the tuba and the baritone horn. For obvious reasons, the trombones are kept out of his grasp- slides are too easily bent by little fingers that know not their own strength! As for the trumpet, he is trying to blow it, but trumpet is a difficult instrument to play- even I still have pressure issues, so it is no surprise that chibiguri has yet to produce anything recognizable as a note on that horn as of yet. I don't know if he will end up a brass player, but at two years, he has at least made a good start should he decide to go that route.

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'Helping' With Yardwork

Yesterday Amaguri and I decided that we needed to do some long-overdue yardwork. So I went down and picked up a chainsaw, and we attacked the tree that hiudes the front of our house. chibiguri, naturally enough, wanted to 'help'. First, he busied himself with a broom, sweeping the fragments of tree and grass into a pile. However, as more and larger pieces cascaded around, he found a more productive activity. Seating himself on the grass with a branch, complete with many leaves in hand, chibiguri proceeded to take a plastic fork and picked carefully at the branch. I am not entirely sure what he was trying to accomplish, but he remained engaged for the remainder of the afternoon, thus keeping himself out of danger as Amaguri and I continued to trim the overgrown branches of the tree.

However, that was not his only activity. Prior to commencing his work on the branch, chibiguri took it upon himself to gtive some of his friends a tour of the worksite. He picked his stuffed Curious George and Piglet and placed them into our small white umbrella stroller. Once situated, he added his plastic sippy cup, and his little bowl of teddy Puffs. The entitr entourage was then pushed around the work area, with chibiguri providing appropriate commentary- at least we think it was appropriate. Among the noise and with chibiguri's incomplete vocabulary, it was difficult to be certain.

Friday, October 12, 2007


To Take Things Apart...

I think chibiguri is going to grow up to be an engineer. He has recently discovered the joys of taking things apart to their smallest component pieces. Of course, he has trouble putting said things back together, but that will come in time. We hope.

As a case in point, he was given a Fisher-Price GeoTrax system for his second birthday last month. At first he was very content to simply play engineer, running the remote-control train around the track and occasionally assist me in re-configuring the layout into new and different shapes. However, those days appear to be over.

Recently, chibiguri has taken to violently disassembling the trqack into its smallest components and then overthrowing the station as well. Once he disassembles the track, he appears content, but he also seems to want to run the train over all sorts of inappropriate surfaces, which will eventually cause heartbreak when he burns out the motor. Sincfe he is not quite able to comprehend the consequences of these actions, I am reduced to telling him 'No' in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, 'No' is a resort that fails ever more often. I can't wait until chibiguri begins to be albel tolisten and actually understand the 'why' of our refusals to allow him to do anything.

However, I also have hope, in that chibiguri's desire to dissasemble will lead to an even greater desire to reassemble, perhaps in even better forms thatn the original!

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'Apple House'

When you hear the word 'apple house', what do you usually think of? Houses filled with apples? A clothing brand? Well, if you are chibiguri, you are thinking of applesauce! yes, chibiguri has added a new word to his arsenal, and it is one that surprised his parents.

I came home from the office yesterday to be informed by Amaguri that chibiguri had added a new word to his vocabulary. I anturally asked what word that might be and was informed 'apple house'. I enquired as to what that might refer to, and was told that somehow chibiguri hass associated one of his favorite dishes (appelsauce) with the word 'apple house'. So when we were eating dinner, I asked chibiguri if he wanted some apple house. He responded enthusiastically, and headed for the cupboard where the applesauce resides.

I can't wait to see what he adds next to his vocabulary,

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Monday, October 08, 2007


Going Out

It was my birthday over the weekend, and Amaguri and Big Sister took me to San Francisco's House of Prime Rib for a birthday dinner. Although we had some misgivings about chibiguri's ability to behave for an extended period in public,m we took him with us, and he did us quite proud. He managed to behave for almost the entire time, and was extremely polite throughout most of the evening. Hiowever, we have a few trump cards in hand.

We got a table in the corner, which allowed us to pin chibiguri into the corner, thus eliminating the possibility that he could escape adult supervision and mingle with the other guest, or perhaps 'help' the chefs do their carving. And we also were able to keep him engaged by bringing a few of chibiguri's avorite toys with us- a Japanese etch-a-sketch type drawing book and also a US variant as well. He especially likes train pictures, though he has a tendency to erase and then complain that the picture is gone!

Once the food arrived, chibiguri got a hand on the bone and took to it like he was bron a canine! He gnawed on that bone as though he were trying to chomp through it, and it kept him engaged for quite some time. Watching chibiguri with that big bone was a lot of fun, though we were constantly wworried he would drop it on the floor!

The House of Prime Rib went off very well for chibiguri, but the following evening we dined at my brother's place north of San Francisco, and chibiguri's behavior was considerably less gentile. While he remained stationary in the restaurant, he decided that because we were dining in a private dwelling, it must be OK to run all over the place, while carrying a large rib in his greasy little hands. We did manage to prevent the rib from wiping itself on too many of the furntiure peices, but chibiguri was far less behaved at my brother's house than at the restaurant. I suspect he knows the difference and has already realized that one must be on one's best in public. Pity he hasn't made the same connection between 'home' and 'visiting'.

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