Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Potty-Training 101

Last night we had a major milestone in the potty-training cycle- chibiguri actually informed us that he needed to go and then he did it successfully on the toilet!

When we went to bed, chibiguri insisted on not wearing a diaper. We warned him that he would need to let us know when he needed to go potty, and he promised to do so. This after he had already had one 'accident ' on our bed! As we were sleeping, chibiguri woke up around one in the morning and said he needed to go. We were a little suspect (and sleepy), but finally Amaguri took him down the hall to the facilities. they were there for some time, but finally I heard Amaguri congratulating chibiguri, so apparently things went successfully.

Upon returning, Amaguri informed me that chibiguri actually went in the toilet, as he had promised- so he got a sticker. We were quite pleased with chibiguri. Unfortunately, this morning, chibiguri had another large accident on the sheets while I was in the shower. Since I was not there, I am not sure if he asked to go prior to his accident, but in any event this is a major step forward- he is beginning to want to dispense with the diapers, and in my opinion, the sooner the better!

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