Tuesday, April 10, 2007


World's Strongest Baby!

chibiguri has been walking for some time now. However, he has recently decided that he is going to become a strongman! Anything that is not tied down (and a few items that are) he is trying to lift and carry. For an example, he wants to carry around his evening milk. Let me describe the milk routine.

Every evening, chibiguri has a bottle of milk with his medicine (he has sensitive skin, so he takes anti-rash medicine). When he is ready, he performs the "milk" sign from Dr. Joseph Garcia's Sign With Your Baby course. I then walk with him to the refrigerator, and open the door. He picks up the milk (which usually requires both hands), but since he is usually trying to simultaneously carry at least one other toy, this results in his needing help.

I put the milk into his bottle, and then warm it up, while he anxiously waits on the floor. Once the milk is poured, i give him back the big milk container to replace in the refrigerator. When the microwave dings, I give him the milk. This routine takes place every evening before he goes to bed.

However, it is not only milk chibiguri likes to carry. He has tried on a number of occasions to pick up and play my musical instruments, including my trumpet, my trombone and my tuba! While the tuba is still well beyond his weight, he has successfully carried the trumpet, and has even managed to pick up my trombone case, albeit when he trombone itself is not inside!

I am constantly amazed by his strength, and his willingness to try things that I would think are clearly out of his class. But if there is anything I have learned from chibiguri's presence, it is that where babies are concerned, nothing should be unexpected. And for the parents, it is a time of unmitigated wonder.

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