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This year's Thanksgiving festivities were somewhat different from the past couple of years in that Amaguri was once again working and Auntie J was enjoying a well-deserved vacation at a luxurious spa with her husband Uncle D. So chibiguri and I were somewhat at a loss as to what we would do since the last two years, we have joined Auntie J to cook together.

Fortunately, a musically inclined friend of mine stepped into the breach adn invited us to hsi place for Thanksgiving. Since two of chibiguri's closest friends (a pair of twins with whom he often plays) were also scheduled to attend, I gratefully accepted. After Amaguri had checked in with the twins' mother and verified that yes, they did intend to be there!

Upon entering the house, we laid eyes on the twins playing 'jump down the stairs into a pile of cushions' with my friend's youngest son. But chibiguri was as usual very shy and would not be parted from me, despite his friends importuning him to join in the 'fun'. I meanwhile was introduced to the other guests and engaged in vareied repartee on a broad range of topics. in addition, I surveyed the collection of edibles - three turkeys and a vast array of side dishes! Buyt chibiguri would not be separated. In fact, he refused to be seated with his friends and instead insisted upon being seated beside me, somewhat upsetting the table settings. But things were rearranged and gradually he became accustomed to the many strangers.

After dinner, the other kids repaired to the living room and commenced their adventurous flights down the stairs. At last, chibiguri decided that maybe this WAS OK, and he somewhat shyly indicated that he would like to try too. Once was enough. As he arose from the cushion pile, his eyes shining, he immediately launched himself back toward the apex of the stairs and only remonstration on our behalf convinced him that it was someone else's turn first! For the remainder of the night, he was intimately involved with the fun and games begin carried out by the kids while I partook of the discussion amongst the adults.

When it was time to go home, he hung back and insisted on remaining - only the threat of forcible removal persuaded him that it was time to go home. Turkey, pies, jumping down stairs - I think the evening was a tremendous success. I can only hope our antics did not wear out our welcome!

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chibiguri has been taking swimming lessons for some time - usually at a public swimming facility not far from our house. However, we recently have begun trying a different school due to scheduling issues. The new place uses warmer water, but as usual, chibiguri took some time to warm up to the new place!

Amaguri told me that on his entrance into the new facility, he was extrememly amaenbo and would not leave Amaguri to go into the water. This prompted the instructor to ask if he was shy. On receiving Amaguri's affirmative, she allowed chibiguri to go at his own pace. First one foot went in, then he scuttled back to Momma. Then he would return to the water's edge, where the other foot would go in. Just a touch, and then it was back to Home base. This continued for some time before he was confident enough to immerse his entire body into the water. However, once in, he was soon enjoying himself immensely. We have discovered that he thoroughly enjoys activities such as swimming, and other physical activities. So Amaguri was unsurprised to find that by the end of the session he had completely adjusted to his new environment. Hopefully this continues!


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