Wednesday, April 07, 2010



chibiguri and I attended an Easter service at a small church in the Bay Area. I was there as a professional musician. As Amaguri was at work that day, chibiguri had to sit quietly through a service that meant nothing to him while being restricted to quiet playing and or reading.

However, he performed wonderfully! Not only was he exquisitely well-behaved throughout the service, he entered into the Easter spirit by playing with my fellow bandmate's young grandson at the post-service party. And he made friends with our gregarious tubist, whose assistance in keeping him occupied was invaluable. In fact, he turned out to be the star of the show and I received a vast number of compliments from a variety of people on how good he was throughout. This despite his own comment of 'Daddy, it was boring', delivered to me in private after the dispersal of the congregation. I commiserated with him, but was privately so pleased and proud of him I had to congratulate him.

However, his day was not complete. After the completion of the service, we drove up to my sister's house, where there was an Easter party planned with chibiguri and his young cousin, who shall be called Curly herein. The weather was less than friendly and so outdoor play was regrettably prohibited. However, chibiguri engaged in indoor Easter egg hunting and once again proved himself to be a superb Big Brother as he guided your Curly around and showed him how to find eggs. Subsequently, he helped Curly learn to dunk a (mini) basketball and in general did a wonderful job.

chibiguri has long showed himself to be very mature for his age and Easter was no exception. Well done, chibiguri!

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