Monday, May 22, 2006


Walking and Shopping

chibiguri is an amazing little guy. Despite being only eight months (as of Tuesday) he is determined to walk. He gets very frustrated when he is not standing up and being led around. We were in San Francisco doing a little shopping yesterday, and while we wer in a bookstore, chibiguri became adamanat that he wanted to get out off the stroller. So I unstrapped him, and picked him up, thinking that he wanted to be held (he is very fond of being held by either his mother or me. However, he then proceeded to start trying to climb my shoulder. This is his way of letting me know that he wants to walk. So I put him down and he proceeded to walk all over the store, with me simply providing balance as he is not yet able to do that on his own.

chibiguri is also a very stubborn little guy. While we were perusing books and magazines, he discovered a little step-ladder and proceeded to try to climb it. Now he is not yet bale to climb stairs, but he was certainly determined to get to the top of that ladder and he kept on trying until I finally assisted him in reaching the top. However, he was happy about being helped and immediately wanted to go back down to try again! Needless to say, this was not a succcess, so I distracted him by helping him walk around the store again.

Later, we took him to a very fine restaurant in the City, where we enjoyed an excellent prime rib dinner. He was a little fussy at first, as the restauarant was a trifle warm for him, but he adapted and finally went to sleep. This was much appreciated by all of us, as we were celebrating his mother's brithday! However, he was very good for the most part.

Every day is a new adventure with chibiguri. I have to say, that depsite the travails he brings and the constant attention he requires, our lives would be a little less bright withoutn the little guy. I am so happy he is here...

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