Monday, January 09, 2006



chibiguri likes travelling. He doesn't seem to care what the mode of conveyance is as long as he is able to move. Amaguri and I went on an excursion to Half Moon Bay, a seaside town roughly an hour or so south of San Francisco yesterday. The weather was gorgeous, and so we decided that it was a good day for a day trip. chibiguri had been somewhat fussy, but we have learned that once he is safely ensconced in a moving vehicle of any type (stroller, car, high chair, etc) he immediately becomes happy and usually drifts off into contented sleep.

Once we arrived in Half Moon, Bay, we placed chibiguri in his stroller and proceeded to join the slowly moving crowd who were out for their constitutionals. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and partook of refreshments in some of the area's local delis and bakeries. Throughout, chibiguri was very happy and continued to sleep as we strolled down the main thouroughfare.

We have discovered that so long as we are able to keep chibiguri in a state of motion, he is perfrectly content. It is when that motion ceases that he becomes querulous and fussy. What this portends for the future, I cannot say, but I suspect that chibiguri might be chasing the concept of perpetual motion. In asny event, we are looking forward to seeing what that future may bring.

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