Wednesday, April 23, 2008



In our house, we have no sliding doors. Therefore, chibiguri has little experience with said doors. However, the grandparents` house in Japan consists almost entirely of sliding doors, and chibiguri is fascinated by them.

He spends hours sliding the doors back and forth, apparently facinated by the way they move. And he likes to close them when people are approaching, and pretend they are crossing gates, and he is the conductor.

I suppose I should not be surprised by this- I recall that when I used to visit my own grandmother`s house, she had swinging doors, which we did not have in my parents` house. And I also used to spend a great amount of time playing with them, much to my own parents` frustration. So I can only say that like father, like son, and hope the fascination wears off in time.

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At the grandparents`

chibiguri is currently visiting his grandparents` house in Japan. His behavior has been very interesting, to say the least. Upion first arriving, chibiguri was clearly on his best behavior- sitting politely in his chair, being quiet and and not doing much exploring. However, that did not last very long. By the second day, he had determined that he was family and his manners took a corresponding turn for the worse.

He now has no compunction running wild in the house, using his loudest voice, telling Grandma and Grandpa "No" when he feels like is and leaving his chari during mealtimes for any and all reasons that may occur to him.

chibiguri is lucky Grandma and Grandpa love him- I am not sure they would put up with some of his behavior otherwise!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Building Character

I am currently engaged in a home improvement project. With the assistance and guidance of my esteemed brother-in-law Ondori, we laid most of a new floor over the past weekend, with the understanding that I would complete the process on my own over the succeeding days. This was mostly accomplished while chibiguri was entertained by amaguri and his auntie elesewhere, as I suspected that he would not be particularly helpful to the work at hand.

Last night, I commenced to continue the job, but chibiguri insisted on helping. Watching me manipulate the hammer, he insisted that he could do so as well. I reluctantly allowed him to do so, and to my surprise, he did a creditable job! He lacks the strength required, but his aim is mainly true and he is careful with tools- he does not brandish them about.

He also proved that he is a clean worker. During the job, I frequently swept up the work area to prevent remnants from becoming caught under the new floor. chibiguri observed this and took over responsibility for this particular task- ensuring that the area was kept clean.

I am not sure what chibiguri will end up doing as a career, but if this is any guide, he will be a careful, conscientious worker. The only problem was that the noise of the hammer eventually made him unhappy, causing the project to come to an abrupt end. I am confident that with time, he will no longer be upset by these types of loud sounds, however.

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Wednesday, April 09, 2008



chibiguri has developed a predilection for floor-sitting while eating of late. He likes to eat, then leave his seat and play on the floor, re-surfacing to receive another bite from the forks of his parents. the other day, I attempted to break him of this behavior, informing him that dogs engaged in this type of behavior. I then inquired if he was a dog. He responded by nodding 'Yes'. I told him he didn't look like a dog, to which he considered, then looked at me and very clearly said 'Arf, arf'!

*Sigh* Another day, another test of strength lost to the powers of chibiguri.

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