Tuesday, April 15, 2008


Building Character

I am currently engaged in a home improvement project. With the assistance and guidance of my esteemed brother-in-law Ondori, we laid most of a new floor over the past weekend, with the understanding that I would complete the process on my own over the succeeding days. This was mostly accomplished while chibiguri was entertained by amaguri and his auntie elesewhere, as I suspected that he would not be particularly helpful to the work at hand.

Last night, I commenced to continue the job, but chibiguri insisted on helping. Watching me manipulate the hammer, he insisted that he could do so as well. I reluctantly allowed him to do so, and to my surprise, he did a creditable job! He lacks the strength required, but his aim is mainly true and he is careful with tools- he does not brandish them about.

He also proved that he is a clean worker. During the job, I frequently swept up the work area to prevent remnants from becoming caught under the new floor. chibiguri observed this and took over responsibility for this particular task- ensuring that the area was kept clean.

I am not sure what chibiguri will end up doing as a career, but if this is any guide, he will be a careful, conscientious worker. The only problem was that the noise of the hammer eventually made him unhappy, causing the project to come to an abrupt end. I am confident that with time, he will no longer be upset by these types of loud sounds, however.

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