Saturday, March 20, 2010



These days, chibiguri always seems to be hungry. It is not enough to feed him a full dinner - he needs some post-dinner 'snacks' as well. Today, for example, we went to a local sushi restaurant. Not only did chibiguri finish an entire bowl of udon, he also ate most of a plate of karaage (chicken) as well. Then, upon returning home, he consumed at least two mikans in addition!

However, it turns out there is a reason for his constant hunger - he's growing! He measured over an inch taller this month than when we measured him last month. So in about a month, he has grown over an inch! I am nolonger surprised at these requests for food, even though I am well aware that at least part of his food-request routine is predicated upon the idea to postpone baths, tooth brushing and bed as long as possible!

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