Wednesday, January 21, 2009



Today, chibiguri showed signs that he is learning to spell! Amaguri and I have been teaching him he alphabet (as well as the kana characters in Japanese) and as usual today, he wanted to be read one of our collection of Little Golden Books. As usual, I spelled out the title to him, and then read him the story. After finishing, Amaguri came home and he asked her to read the same book to him.

So she asked him what book it was. 'Baby Farm Animals', he responded. Amaguri then inquired where the word 'Baby' was located on the cover. chibiguri spelled out the word (B-A-B-Y) and then said Baby'. he repeated this feat with he word 'Farm', and got ost of the wya through 'Animal' as well. However, he not quite up to doing this with the book 'The Happy Man and his Dump Truck'. he was able to spell 'Dump' and 'Truck', but that was the extent of it. However, this is very promising, indeed, as it seems he is grasping the idea of spelling. And yes, his Japanese is now probably better than mine- at least on the comprehension end of things!


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