Tuesday, April 28, 2009



chibiguri has a bicycle, which he thoroughly enjoys riding. However, his kneepads have commenced to show some wear, and he has been agitating for a pair of elbow pads for some time. Since we were in Target last weekend, I took it upon myself to satisfy his craving, to the extent of a package that included elbow pads, knee pads and a pair of small-sized bicycle gloves.

The gloves have proven to be an enormous hit! While chibiguri enjoys his new elbow pads (he prefers to continue wearing his old 'Go, Diego, Go' kneepads, the gloves have mysteriously morphed into the most popular piece of equipment. Yesterday, he insisted on wearing the gloves the moment he awoke, and when informed that he could not wear them to pre-school, he made sure to carefully place them where he could immediately don them upon returning home.

He has had for some time an infatuations with the Japanese hero Anpanman, but now that he has his new gloves, he has decided that 'Blue Power Ranger' is a more fitting persona for this costume! He informed me several times as we were making dinner that he was 'Blue Power Ranger'. And he insisted on wearing his new gloves during dinner, in bed and at a ll times other than when he was washing hands or bathing. In fact, it was only with supreme effort that I convinced him that wearing the gloves during dinner and bathroom activities was not particularly sanitary.

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