Friday, July 25, 2008



My sister's birthday came and went last week, and somehow we forgot to send her a card. So last night, Amaguri, chibiguri and I sat down to create a home-made card in lieu of something out of a box. This endeavor involved lots of stickers, chibiguri's artwork, a fine point Sharpie pen and a fair number of laughs.

Once we had the basic card created, chibiguri decided to put names to the various sections of the card, "This is Auntie, this is Uncle Cowboy, this is Mommy' etc. However, after we had got through the initial sequence, he decided to exercise his newfound fluency and explanding vocabulary. He held up a few stickers of a particularly unique composition. We asked him what these particular stickers signified, and without hesitation he responded, "Auntinocerous!"

So, sister, dear, your new official designation is now Auntienocerous. You'll have to ask chibiguri what that might signify- I am rather at a loss.

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Wednesday, July 09, 2008


The Cook

chibiguri has developed an interest in cooking. Every night, when Amaguri is engaged in making dinner, chibiguri insists on borrowing the cooking sleeve, some pots and a few utensils. He then repairs to the bench beside our table, collects his little Matchbox car collection and proceeds to 'cook', using the Matchbox cars as his raw material.

I am not sure what this means for his future, but now that he has his tool set, he seems to have focused on doing the cooking as well- being like both Mommy and Daddy. We shall see where this develops.

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