Tuesday, January 30, 2007


The Toddler

Due to personal issues, I have not kept this blog up with the constancy I had hoped, but I shall endeavor to maintain it more regularly now.

Chibiguri has turned into a toddler before our eyes. No longer is he a crawler, but instead he is busily walking everywhere. It was in Colorado last year that he took his first steps unaided, and now he has become a veritable hiker, so steadily does he walk.

Fortunately, our house is mostly baby-proof, so his excursions are fairly safe, but we are constantly finding that chibiguri is able to gain access to areas and objects we thought were safely out of his reach. He has a special regard for cellular phones, and amaguri and I are constantly removing ours from his eager grasp. He also has a fascination with all things even remotely mechanical and electrical, so our remote controls and other appliances are at risk.

However, as chibiguri matures, we are finding him more and more a wonderful playmate. He is very amaenbo, which means very clingy but he is also often a fountain of wonder, for us as well as himself as he discovers the world around him. In fact, over the weekend, it rained up here and he insisted on staying outdoors, despite the wet weather. I am looking forward to the day when he finally enunciates his first true word. To date, he is still in the sounds-only category, though he is getting closer every day.

Despite the drawbacks of parenthood, I am glad we have little chibiguri, and I look forward to his continued growth.

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