Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Potty Backsliding

I might have mentioned that chibiguri was pretty much toilet-trained by the time he turned three. However, of late he has displayed the distressing tendency to have 'accidents' of the solid variety in his pants. What is interesting is that these accidents are confined to the solid variety- he almost never has accidents of the liquid variety- except when he is sleeping and just can't quite wake up in time (which is to be expected).

However, after coming home from daycare on successive days with replacement pants, the lovely Amaguri and I discussed this new behavioral pattern. Her theory was that it arose from pure laziness, since it takes much more effort to actually exude solid waste into the toilet than it does to produce waste of the liquid variety. Thus she suspected that chibiguri was simply allowing nature to take its course, as opposed to making the effort to go to the bathroom and push out the necessary product.

Thus her solution was very simply; chibiguri loves to be considered a 'big boy'. He has (mostly) graduated to 'big boy' pants, which are simply smaller and more colorful versions of the underwear worn by adults. However, she pronounced that if chibiguri had any mroe 'accidents', the pants would be replaced by diapers- something that aused chibiguri intense unhappiness. he promised that there would be no more accidents and was duly allowed to wear 'big-boy' pants this morning. Of course, there was an accident- not a large one but nevertheless and accident, and so chibiguri went to japanese pre-school today in diapers. he was VERY unhappy.

However, the true test comes tomorrow. he goes to his regular pre-school tomorrow, and if he has an accident, then he will be going in diapers, not in 'big-boy' pants. We shall see. The hope is that in the long run, this will cure him of his propensity for having such accidents. We shall see....


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