Friday, August 17, 2007


Moving the Bed

chibiguri has long been sleeping with Amaguri and myself in our bed. He takes up more than his fair share of space howevber, and makes it difficult for us to enjoy a comfortable night of slumber. Therefore, we finally made the Big DEcision yesterday to move chibiguri's crib into what will become his room.

After disassembling, moving and reassembling the crib in its new location, chibiguri was pleased as we replaced one side of the crib with a lower barrier- one he can actually climb over. And in the intial use, it was successful, as chibiguri actually slept the entire night through last night and when he awoke, he was able to successfully leave his crib and come to our room to inform us of his need for breakfast!

We shall see if this continues, but for the moment, our sleeping situation has been much improved.

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