Sunday, May 13, 2007


Outdoor Man

chibiguri has delveloped a mania for the outdoors. When I pick him up after work, or when I am home on weekends, the first thing he points to once he awakes is the door to the back yard. I find this encouraging, as I do not wish him to develop into a house-bound TV addict. So I am pleased to let him run into the back yard and play on the roller coaster, or the swing set.

Unfortunately, he hasn't quite figured out the necessity for shoes. In our house, we maintain shoe law, so that anyone entering our abode must remove his or her shoes. This idea functions perfectly for all adults in the household, but chibiguri doesn't quite understand why he needs to put his shoes on when he goes into the back yard, though he is good about letting us do it for other excursions. This can lead top occasional frustrations when he ventures into the yard without pausing to put on his footwear.

When he goes outside, he makes a beeline for the roller coaster, if the track is set up. he has mastered the art of climbing the steep ladder to the track, and he can get from the ground to the coaster car. But he hasn't grasped the concept of holding on himself, which causes us to have to hold him as the car rolls down the track, as otherwise he would probably fall off (and he occasionally has done exactly that!). I trust that he will elarn before he is much older that one must hold on tight when one is in a moving vehicle- especially when said vehicle is on a steep track sevceral feet off the ground!

His second affection is for the swing set. We are fortunate enough to have a baby-sized swing, and he thoroughly enjoys it. He likes to be pushed, though obviously he only gets to go so high, and we are very careful as to how much force we apply to prevent him from taking a header! But he does enjoy both of these, and this is a good sign that he will be an active child, and not be content to take root on the furniture.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007



chibiguri has decided that he is a big boy now. No more drinking from sippy cups- he wants to drink from real glasses without lids! Of couse, as he has not entirely mastered the art, this results in spillage, but he does remarkably well for a nineteen-month-old.

He also has determined that high charis are not for big boys. So when it comes time for eeating, he invariably wants to either take one of the "big people chairs" (he likes to push us out of them so he can take our place) or he will allow us to insert him into his high chair- and then proceeds to stand in said high chair!

He does like baths, though. To the point that he will remain in the ub long after the water has drained away, forcing us to often bodily remove him from the tub.

I will post more on his emerging personality as it emerges....

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