Tuesday, December 27, 2005


Shopping, Part Two

We took chibiguri out shopping today, and we were delighted in hos well he stood up to the strain. As chibiguri iss only three months (as of last Friday December 23), he has not been very tolerant of extended excursions into public areas. His need for liqui9d sustenance, coupled with his noisy methods of attracting attention when he feels that attention is needed have made us hesitant about taking him into public places for extended periods of time.

Today, however, we spent the better part of the afternoon perusing the wares at one of the local malls. As usual on the week following Christmas, it was packed, and parking wwas at a premium. However, despite this inauspicious omen, we persevered and finally won through to our intended destination. I needed some new pants, which Amaguri had promised me as a Christamas present and we needed to acquire suitable presents for my sister and Amaguri as well. Amaguri had made her wish for a new pair of sunglasses known to me, so after we had found the pants, we headed towards the purveyors of sunglasses.

After some time, we had found a pair that Amaguri thought might suit her, but she wished to ascertain if they might be found aty a lesser proce, so we proceeded to the resident Macy's with the thought that perhaps we might find something suitable at a lesser price. Throughout our trek, wending our way between the inevitable gaggles of giggling high-school girls and their leering male counterparts, the families who, like us, had left their shopping til after Christmas, and the ever-present hordes of pre-pubescent males and females gathered around their hangout of choice.

As we slowly worked our way towards our destination, chibiguri was fast asleep, managing to ignore even the thundering hgih-school herds that constantly passed us. However, after spending some little time at the sunglas counter in Macy's, he woke and expressed his displeasure at being left alone under layers in a warm, cloistered environment. As Amaguri was engaged in the business of trying on sunglassses, I took him out and shortly managed to persuade him that we would shortly be returning to the car, where he could gain sustenance.

We then proceeded to the original sunglass purveyor, where we purchased our pair, and then shortly thereafter took our leave. Once we gained the sanctuary of the car, we were able to asuage the worst of chibiguri's hunger, and thence conveyed him home, where we completely filled his little stomach.

We were very proud of chibiguri, as he stood well the extended and noisy traverse across the mall and its associated outliers. And he is increasingly comfortable in public situations. In short, taking chibiguri out in public is no longer something to be feared and avoided. He is starting to grow up.....

Saturday, December 24, 2005


Good Eats!

chibiguri likes milk. he REALLY llikes milk. But he is sometimes quite particular regarding the source of said milk. Amaguri was feeling a little off-kilter this evening, so I was taking my turn in entertaining chibiguri, and I was again reminded of his single-mindedness in pursuing his food. As I was feeding him, he decided that a bottle was unacceptable, and began raising an awful caterwauling. However, subsequent attempts to re-introduce the bottle met with a similar lack of success. Ainally, Amaguri came upon the scene, and by offering chibiguri her breast, was able to still his wailing for the nonce.

It is very interesting to note that while chibiguri is sometimes amenable to bottled milk, once he determines that only real breat milk is acceptable, nothing else will do. On those occasions where Amaguri is not home, I confess to some feelings of inadequacy, due to my complete inability to replaced that all-important breast for chibiguri. Our education as parents continues.....

Thursday, December 22, 2005


Center of Attention

Amaguri and I took our little chibiguri to a Christmas party last Saturday at a friend's domicile. Though there were a number of other children present, chibiguri was the undeniable center of attention, with many people admiring him. Though he had previously not been in such a large company, he responded well to the extra attention by being for the most part on his best behavior. He even suffered himself to be help by numerous strangers, who were all overcome by his good manners. I think that it is a credit to him that he was able to acquit himself so well in such trying circumstances.

We have noticed that chibiguri has a pronounced tendency towards being a bit of ann attention hog. When he is not the center of attention, he becomes unhappy and clamors for attention from whomever might be handy. Conversely, when he is surrounded by people admiring him or playing with him or otheriwse making him the center of attention, he is quite pleased and will allow many liberties that perhaps he would not tolerate under other circumstances- such as being help and cuddled by non-family members. And he will even let other people feed him!

Chibiguri iss truly opening our eyes to a whoel world that we had hithertofore not even suspected. babies are an endless stream of entertainment, without recourse to such crutches as television, or even the music system. perhaps when he has aged and begins to move under his own poweer we may not be so delighted but for now we are just happy that we have been blessed with this New Addition.

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