Saturday, December 24, 2005


Good Eats!

chibiguri likes milk. he REALLY llikes milk. But he is sometimes quite particular regarding the source of said milk. Amaguri was feeling a little off-kilter this evening, so I was taking my turn in entertaining chibiguri, and I was again reminded of his single-mindedness in pursuing his food. As I was feeding him, he decided that a bottle was unacceptable, and began raising an awful caterwauling. However, subsequent attempts to re-introduce the bottle met with a similar lack of success. Ainally, Amaguri came upon the scene, and by offering chibiguri her breast, was able to still his wailing for the nonce.

It is very interesting to note that while chibiguri is sometimes amenable to bottled milk, once he determines that only real breat milk is acceptable, nothing else will do. On those occasions where Amaguri is not home, I confess to some feelings of inadequacy, due to my complete inability to replaced that all-important breast for chibiguri. Our education as parents continues.....

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