Friday, June 22, 2007



chibiguri has begun to develop his father's inclination for delaying the sleep process as long as possible in the evening. However, he has also developed the habit of sleeping in strange places. for example, the other night he decided that the optimal place for sleep was underneath his crib. Not in the bed, where it was actually comfortable, but under the crib, together with his milk bottle and his stuffed animals.

So amaguri and I waited until he had finally dropped off, then we moved the crib out from above him, and placed him IN the crib as opposed to underneath it. We also took some highly amusing pictures of chibiguri curled comfortably? underneath the crib with his milk and his little stuffed friends (Curious George and Piglet).

chibiguri also occasionally will require TV viewing in order to successfully drop off to sleep. He is a particular fan of the Baby Einstein: On the farm, Neighborhood Animals and World Animals DVDs, and in order to sleep, we need to put him into his chair and then as he watches the animals (cows are far and away his favorites), he will finally drop off into slumber. While I am on the subject, I cannot say enough good things regarding the Baby Einstein videos. While chibiguri does not like all of them as much as he does the animals DVDs, he is almost guaranteed to watch them quietly, and he has clearly learned a number of words from them.

The best point though is that he is very sound sleeper. Once he finally drops off, he will usually sleep through the night- or at least until he gets too hot or too thirsty!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


It Talks!

Well, chibiguri has finally begun to speak over the lasst couple of weeks. it is an amaxing thing when one's offsspring begins to form words on his own. So far, he hass been able to say "Mama, Cow, Horse, Car, Why, Wow, Oh, Da (can't wquite get the last "d") and some others. We are waiting for him to start enunciating in Japanese as well, but it is a real thrill that he can at last speak some English words.

he is also really showing a personality. he definitely knows what he wants, and he is a very determined little guy. When he wants to do something, he does it until he gets it mostly right. None of this "start" then give up" attitude from chibiguri!

This is a good thing, in my opinion, ass it means he has inherited his mother's stick-to-it manners, not my own more lackadaisical approach.

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