Friday, December 04, 2009



chibiguri has been taking swimming lessons for some time - usually at a public swimming facility not far from our house. However, we recently have begun trying a different school due to scheduling issues. The new place uses warmer water, but as usual, chibiguri took some time to warm up to the new place!

Amaguri told me that on his entrance into the new facility, he was extrememly amaenbo and would not leave Amaguri to go into the water. This prompted the instructor to ask if he was shy. On receiving Amaguri's affirmative, she allowed chibiguri to go at his own pace. First one foot went in, then he scuttled back to Momma. Then he would return to the water's edge, where the other foot would go in. Just a touch, and then it was back to Home base. This continued for some time before he was confident enough to immerse his entire body into the water. However, once in, he was soon enjoying himself immensely. We have discovered that he thoroughly enjoys activities such as swimming, and other physical activities. So Amaguri was unsurprised to find that by the end of the session he had completely adjusted to his new environment. Hopefully this continues!


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