Friday, October 12, 2007


'Apple House'

When you hear the word 'apple house', what do you usually think of? Houses filled with apples? A clothing brand? Well, if you are chibiguri, you are thinking of applesauce! yes, chibiguri has added a new word to his arsenal, and it is one that surprised his parents.

I came home from the office yesterday to be informed by Amaguri that chibiguri had added a new word to his vocabulary. I anturally asked what word that might be and was informed 'apple house'. I enquired as to what that might refer to, and was told that somehow chibiguri hass associated one of his favorite dishes (appelsauce) with the word 'apple house'. So when we were eating dinner, I asked chibiguri if he wanted some apple house. He responded enthusiastically, and headed for the cupboard where the applesauce resides.

I can't wait to see what he adds next to his vocabulary,

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