Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Being Sick

chibiguri is not feeling well. He has the sniffles and his breathing is nto free, which makes it hard for him to nap as he is accustomed to. When he goes to bed, he snuffles miserably until he finally gets tired enough that he falls to sleep in spite of himself. In addition, he is intermittently expelling the contents of his stomach (particularly after a milk-session) and he has a penchant for wiping his runny nose on anything handy (shirts, pants, bedsheets, towels, etc.).

last night, chibiguri was particularly tired, as he did not take a nap due to his ill-health. So in the middle of Monday Night Football, he decided tha it was time for bed. Now when chibiguri decides that it is bedtime, this is not limited merely to him. No, he needs the entire family to keep him company while he works himself off to sleep. And he enjoys using the bodies of said family for the requisite pre-sleeping exercises- climbing, sitting on heads, kicking while he find the optimal position and of course as footstools.

in any event, chibiguri went off to bed with Amaguri and me, and we hoped that he would rapidly go to sleep. Unfortunately, this was the farthest thing from chibiguri's intent. After the usual shenanigans, which included looking out the window while standing on my head, sitting on the same head and insisting on bringing the collection of bedtime toys to bed with him (we refused to allow him to bring the Indian corn and the pumpkins), he finally drank his juice and we thought he would be going to sleep. Uh, no.

Instead, he seemed to become even more awake, which eventually led Amaguri to take him back to the liviniv room for a second viewing of the Baby Einstein 'Baby Van Gogh' DVD. Once he finished that, he did finally fall to sleep on our bed, though he did drool slightly on our pillows (after he tried and failed to remove Amaguri's pillowcase). However, his peaceful sleep did not last very long.

I am not sure at what time he awoke, but he had a very noisy awakening in the middle of the night, which forced Amaguri to get up and comfort our sick little boy until he went back to sleep. However, he awoke once again around 6AM, and when I departed, he was back on Amaguri's pillow.

Poor little chibiguri is not used to being sick, so he is not handling the situation very capably. However, despite his sleeping difficulties, he is not particularly troublesome in most other areas. he3 has not developed a bad manner, nor has he shown any other bad habits. Actually, I am quite pleased at how well he is handling things. Aside from his sleeping difficulties, chibiguri is not much changed. And most of his crankiness can be directly traced to his difficulties in napping and sleeping. At that age, if one does not get the sleep one's body requires, I suspect that we would be more than a little cranky too!

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