Monday, October 08, 2007


Going Out

It was my birthday over the weekend, and Amaguri and Big Sister took me to San Francisco's House of Prime Rib for a birthday dinner. Although we had some misgivings about chibiguri's ability to behave for an extended period in public,m we took him with us, and he did us quite proud. He managed to behave for almost the entire time, and was extremely polite throughout most of the evening. Hiowever, we have a few trump cards in hand.

We got a table in the corner, which allowed us to pin chibiguri into the corner, thus eliminating the possibility that he could escape adult supervision and mingle with the other guest, or perhaps 'help' the chefs do their carving. And we also were able to keep him engaged by bringing a few of chibiguri's avorite toys with us- a Japanese etch-a-sketch type drawing book and also a US variant as well. He especially likes train pictures, though he has a tendency to erase and then complain that the picture is gone!

Once the food arrived, chibiguri got a hand on the bone and took to it like he was bron a canine! He gnawed on that bone as though he were trying to chomp through it, and it kept him engaged for quite some time. Watching chibiguri with that big bone was a lot of fun, though we were constantly wworried he would drop it on the floor!

The House of Prime Rib went off very well for chibiguri, but the following evening we dined at my brother's place north of San Francisco, and chibiguri's behavior was considerably less gentile. While he remained stationary in the restaurant, he decided that because we were dining in a private dwelling, it must be OK to run all over the place, while carrying a large rib in his greasy little hands. We did manage to prevent the rib from wiping itself on too many of the furntiure peices, but chibiguri was far less behaved at my brother's house than at the restaurant. I suspect he knows the difference and has already realized that one must be on one's best in public. Pity he hasn't made the same connection between 'home' and 'visiting'.

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