Monday, October 15, 2007


'Helping' With Yardwork

Yesterday Amaguri and I decided that we needed to do some long-overdue yardwork. So I went down and picked up a chainsaw, and we attacked the tree that hiudes the front of our house. chibiguri, naturally enough, wanted to 'help'. First, he busied himself with a broom, sweeping the fragments of tree and grass into a pile. However, as more and larger pieces cascaded around, he found a more productive activity. Seating himself on the grass with a branch, complete with many leaves in hand, chibiguri proceeded to take a plastic fork and picked carefully at the branch. I am not entirely sure what he was trying to accomplish, but he remained engaged for the remainder of the afternoon, thus keeping himself out of danger as Amaguri and I continued to trim the overgrown branches of the tree.

However, that was not his only activity. Prior to commencing his work on the branch, chibiguri took it upon himself to gtive some of his friends a tour of the worksite. He picked his stuffed Curious George and Piglet and placed them into our small white umbrella stroller. Once situated, he added his plastic sippy cup, and his little bowl of teddy Puffs. The entitr entourage was then pushed around the work area, with chibiguri providing appropriate commentary- at least we think it was appropriate. Among the noise and with chibiguri's incomplete vocabulary, it was difficult to be certain.

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