Friday, October 12, 2007


To Take Things Apart...

I think chibiguri is going to grow up to be an engineer. He has recently discovered the joys of taking things apart to their smallest component pieces. Of course, he has trouble putting said things back together, but that will come in time. We hope.

As a case in point, he was given a Fisher-Price GeoTrax system for his second birthday last month. At first he was very content to simply play engineer, running the remote-control train around the track and occasionally assist me in re-configuring the layout into new and different shapes. However, those days appear to be over.

Recently, chibiguri has taken to violently disassembling the trqack into its smallest components and then overthrowing the station as well. Once he disassembles the track, he appears content, but he also seems to want to run the train over all sorts of inappropriate surfaces, which will eventually cause heartbreak when he burns out the motor. Sincfe he is not quite able to comprehend the consequences of these actions, I am reduced to telling him 'No' in no uncertain terms. Unfortunately, 'No' is a resort that fails ever more often. I can't wait until chibiguri begins to be albel tolisten and actually understand the 'why' of our refusals to allow him to do anything.

However, I also have hope, in that chibiguri's desire to dissasemble will lead to an even greater desire to reassemble, perhaps in even better forms thatn the original!

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