Monday, October 15, 2007


He's a Musician!

chibiguri has long taken an interest in my many musical instruments. However, aside from my little baritone horn, he has yet to prove himself able to produce a sound on any of them. this all changed this past weekend.

I was watching chibiguri while Amaguri was working, and as usual, I had my tuba in hand, as I was intending to do a little work on my chops. chibiguri also as usual crawled on my lap, as he does when something other than himself occupies my attention, and he expressed an interest in putting his little mouth on the mouthpiece. I was agreeable to this idea, and proceeded to show chibiguri how to form a rudimentary embouchure.

After demonstrating the possible results once or twice, I lowered the mouthpiece to chibiguri, and to my surprise, he proceeded to blow a recognizable note on the instrument! Not quite sure if this was a fluke, I invited chibiguri to repeat the perfromance, which he was not quite able to do. I repeated the demonstration of how to blow into the instrument, whereupon chibiguri proceeded for the second time to blow a recognizable note.

Once Amaguri returned home, I had chibiguri demonstrate his newfound prowess, which he finally did over the past weekend. So he can now blow two instruments- the tuba and the baritone horn. For obvious reasons, the trombones are kept out of his grasp- slides are too easily bent by little fingers that know not their own strength! As for the trumpet, he is trying to blow it, but trumpet is a difficult instrument to play- even I still have pressure issues, so it is no surprise that chibiguri has yet to produce anything recognizable as a note on that horn as of yet. I don't know if he will end up a brass player, but at two years, he has at least made a good start should he decide to go that route.

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