Sunday, February 27, 2011


The Things Kids Say...

So we were making cookies the other day and chibiguri, out of the blue, suddenly said 'Daddy, I wish I had two daddies!' As one might expect, I did something of a double take, and informed Amaguri that our son wants a new daddy.

After some querying, Amaguri asked chibiguri why he wanted a new daddy.
'No, Mom! I want TWO daddies!'
'Errr...why is that?'
'So that when one daddy is busy, the other daddy can hold me!'
'Ah....' It was a long sound of understanding.

So in other words, chibiguri wants multiple adults so that when one set of adults are busy, the other set can play with him! Ah, to be a five-year-old when the world is so simple.

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