Wednesday, March 11, 2009



chibiguri has big feet. VERY big feet. We have long remarjked on ths size of his appendages, and his feet are no exceoption to this generality. We have bought shoes for him with some regularity. However, his latest pair, being only a few months old, we thought were sufficiently large. How wrong we were!

Recently, in the past few days, he has been complaining of sore feet. When asked what hurts, he rubs the joints on his toes. After the initial occurrence, Amaguri and I take special care to ensure that he is wearing his new shoes (he occasionally wanted to wear his older 'Diego' shoes. However, he has been wearing them, so we wer somewhat at a loss. However, after a weekend filled with chibiguri actually crying (something he rarely does unless he is in real pain or he wants attention), we determined to take him to our local 'Stride Rite' shoe store and get his feet measured.

He is a ten and a half! No wonder chibiguris' feet were painful, as his older shoes were a mere nine! It appears he has been curling up his toes to prevent the from rubbing on the end of the shoes and this constant curling caused the pain he reported to us. We ended by purchasing an entirely new pair of shoes for chibiguri, and the shop clerk recommended that we have him measured every three months. Since his feet have shown a predilection for growth spurts, this seemed an entirely reasonable recommendation. We shall abide by it.

in the end, we left entirely satisfied, and chibiguri's complaints have disappeared completely. So all is well that ends well- for the moment.

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