Wednesday, March 11, 2009


chibiguri: Super-Sport

chibiguri is an athlete. I think we already knew that, but he demonstrated once again that he has apparently inherited athletic ability from some unknown source (I hope it was Amaguri, since my athletic ability, never great, has long since vanished.

The other day, Amaguri was doing somersaults on her yoga mat. chibiguri was interested and wanted to duplicate this feat. After being assisted by Amaguri through the routine twice, he successfully performed a forward somersault. Naturally, once done, he wished to continue! So for the remainder of the evening, until we persuaded him to go to bed, he continued working on perfecting his 'routine'. By the end of the evening, he was able to perform a near-headstand!

This confirmed our opinion that he was a child of great ability in the field of athletics. We already knew he had excellent balance, and he has been a climber as long as he has been able to grasp. So we have decided to enter him into a local gymnastics-for-toddlers course. Neither of us wishes to push him into organized sports (not at three-and-a-half!), but since he seems to enjoy tumbling, it occurs to us that this might be a good way both for him to let off energy and to perhaps meet some new friends. And if he wishes, he may pursue it, or he may not. He will determine hsi interests

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