Monday, February 09, 2009



chibiguri is taking the first steps toward reading. We have been reading to him from a number of sources incuding the Curious George, the Little Golden Books (Poky Little Puppy, Little Red Caboose, Little Red Hen, etc), the Dr. Seuss books and some others almost every night and he is beginning to be able to understand how we are reading them to him, although he still occasionally wants us to 'read' pictures to him!.

He is able to spell out some words 'red', 'hen', 'cat', hat', and has mostly memorized the text to Dr. Seuss' classic 'Red Fist, Blue Fish'. Although he is not able yet to read entire sentences, he is beginning to put together the building blocks that will make it possible. And he can sing the entire alphabet, though his idea of 'L-M-N-O-P' sounds more like 'M-N-M-N-P'!


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