Monday, February 09, 2009


Potty Trained

chibiguri has almost entirely mastered the idea of potty-training. He have essentially graduated from the diapers (except at night when he sleeps) and he almost always uses the bathroom for his needs. Accidents are few and far between.

This also means that chibiguri is graduating to the potty-trained class at pre-school. He spends more and more time with them, and he is beginning to be a part of that group, as opposed to the pre-trained group he initially was assigned to. Now the only thing that remains is for chibiguri to master the art of control while asleep- something that may be beyond a three-year-old!

March 11, 2009 UPDATE: He graduated! chibiguri is now in the class of potty-trained pre-schoolers. He is quite proud of this fact and indeed, our only worries now are his increasingly-seldom accidents in the night. He still wears a diaper for sleeping, but I can see the end of that approaching as well.

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