Thursday, September 25, 2008


Toilet Training Report

chibiguri is getting ever closer to being successfully toilet trained! He has long since mastered the idea of he need to use to toilet when he pees, and he is getting closer to saying goodbye to diapers with every passing day.

Yesterday, I dropped him off at his pre-school, as Amaguri had to work and I also had the necessity of work to prevent me from spending time with chibiguri. When I returned to pick him up, I inquired of his teachers how he was doing on the toilet issue. To my surprise, I was informed that he had successfully used the bathroom for each and every need throughout the day. In fact, he was still wearing the diaper I had put on him that morning! This was excellent news, and I was extremely pleased with chibiguri's progress.

However, I discovered that he still has a few issues. To wit- he and I went across the street to listen to a friend's jazz ensemble. As i was confident in chibiguri's newfound abilities both to inform me prior to his need to use the restroom and his prowess in actually using said facilities, i neglected to bring extra diapers and changing materials with me. Big mistake.

Once at the establishment, chibiguri was his usual irrepressible self, wandering around the hall, exploring the perimeter and generally being consumed with curiosity (he has that in common with a certain small monkey named George). However, just as the band was beginning their third tune, he came over to me and informed me that he had pooped! I looked at chibiguri and inquired as to whether he NEEDED to poop or if he had already done so. With innocent eyes, he smiled and told me it had already happened.

Overall, chibiguri may have mastered the need for bathroom use, but as our experience last night proves, he is not quite there as of yet. However, I am encouraged that he is getting closer and closer to the ultimate goal. And he is only three (just)! Moral of the story is that parents should never forget diapers and the associated materials- at least until offspring has truly mastered the toilet!

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