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Readers may recall that we recently changed chibiguri from daycare to a preschool. However, he appears to have not yet fully accustomed himself to that change. When I take him to said preschool, he usually is despondent when I depart. Interestingly, this is NOT the case at the Japanese preschool he attends on alternate days.

yesterday, I took him as usual to his preschool, as it was a day where both Amaguri and I were required to work, necessitating chibiguri's presence at the preschool. As i woke him up, he asked me 'Daddy, where are we going?' I answered with the name of the preschool, and he looked me full in the eye and said 'No, I don't want to go!'

However, I informed chibiguri that unfortunately, I could not bring him with me to work, so he would need to go to the preschool. he was fine in the car, but once we arrived, he insisted on being carried into the building, as opposed to walking on his own. When we entered the classroom, i dropped of his special food with the director and handed him over to the teachers.

As he stood there in the middle of the room, various other children were playing and I assumed he would be alright as I prepared to take my leave. however, he did not join the other children there, but simply stood by himself, and as I watched, his chin began to tremble and he began to cry. it would appear that at least at this preschool, he has yet to make acquaintances or friends that would allow him to feel comfortable. I felt really bad about leaving him, but I do believe that he will eventually accustom himself to his surroundings. However, there is no question that he has an anxiety of being left on his own at times.

When I returned to pick him up, I drove past the front of the preschool on my way to the parking lot. The children were all outside playing. Except for chibiguri. he was sitting by himself under a tree, immersed in a book. Hmmm- i wonder where he gets that from? i asked his teacher and she says that he usually plays with the other children, but sometimes he prefers to be by himself. he appears to have the ability to play by himself without needing external stimulus- a good thing, in my opinion.

When I entered the playground, the teachers had just called the children to get ready to go back into the classroom, but when chibiguri spotted me, he made a beeline for me, running across the grass. It is amazing how good it feels to know that there is a little person who is so happy to see you.

I hope that chibiguri accustoms himself to his preschool soon- it is no fun to see him cry every time I leave him, although Amaguri says that at the Japanese preschool he attends, he isn't like that at all- he just says 'bye-bye' he she delivers him. Maybe the children there are friends as opposed to this one? We'll have to keep an eye on that. in any event, i am assured that he does cheer up after a while, though he sometimes gets lonely for Mommy and Daddy. I suspect that as he grows, this anxiety will fade, but at present it is bit of an issue. better than being TOO friendly, though, so I do not object in the slightest.

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