Monday, September 15, 2008


Fence Building

Over the course of the summer, I have been working slowly at re-building the backyard fence at my house. Yesterday, i decided to continue this endeavor, and to this end I spent the better part of the afternoon on this project. Naturally, chibiguri was eager to help. Therefore, he put on his own toolbelt, gloves and got ready to help as much as possible. As he was putting on his tools (hammer, screwdriver and level), i was carrying boards into the backyard. But chibiguri told me in no uncertain terms that I needed to wait for him to assist. So he took one end of the board, I took the other and we carried it into the backyard. He informed me that it was 'heavy' (it was) but he persevered to the end.

Once we actually started building, he was equally interested in assisting. As I pounded nails, he took his own little hammer and did his best to emulate me. Although he sometimes ended up hitting the wrong part of the fence, he was interested and helpful. And when the saw kicked in, he took a pair of my headphones, and protected his own ears as well. he also was careful to listen to me and as a result stayed out of harm's way when the power tools were being utilized.

Overall, I was quite pleased with his effort, though he did eventually lose interest and begin riding his tricycle around the yard. Little helper indeed! And as we were going to sleep that night, chibiguri informed me that 'Daddy is my best friend'- an announcement that truly made me feel like the best person in the world. Thank you chibiguri!

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