Tuesday, September 30, 2008



I may have mentioned before that chibiguri is quite the ladies' man. Although he is just barely three, he already has a harem of sorts. this harem includes his favorite playmate who is a mere two months younger and a pair of his classmates at his Japanese school. The way this relationship usually p[lays out is that chibiguri chases said playmates- who seem to enjoy being chased.

However, at the birthday party, there was some competition from an older woman. Our next-door neighbors have a little five-year old, whom we invited to the party along with her younger brother. chibiguri was immediately fixated on this little one, and spent a fair amount of time at the party focused on her, much to the discontent of his usual playmates.

As my sister put it, "they are only three and already it's like a soap opera!" (or words to that effect- i canot recall the exact quote). I find it fascinating to observe, though I felt kind of sorry fo his usual playmate- I hope she does not hold it against chibiguri the next time they play together. But it is interesting to see the competition amongst the kids for their preferred playmates. One thing is for sure- this will not be a dull childhood!


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