Monday, August 11, 2008



As chibiguri was going to bed, he decided that today he was not going to be chibiguri. Instead, he announced to us that he was 'Mommy'. Now as a matter of normal process, chibiguri sleeps in the middle- in fact he usually insists on that position. However, since he was 'Mommy' tonight, he informed Amaguri that she needed to sleep in the middle, since he had changed roles with her. So he made her sleep in the middle and he slept on the outside, for a change. And he refused to be addressed by his real name- insteada insisting on being called 'Mommy'.

i am not sure what this signifies, but it is interesting he chose to be 'Mommy' tonight, as opposed to playing my role. We shall see where this goes...

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