Monday, August 11, 2008


Numbers & Letters

chibiguri is beginning to understand the art of counting. As he was getting his nightly gummi-vitamins, he informed Amaguri that he needed one for her, one for himself and one for Daddy. he had two at the moment, so Amaguri asked him how many he needed. He told her 'one more'! And he was able to identify how many candles and books wer in a picture in the 'Cat in The Hat'.

Speaking of the 'CAt in the Hat', I decided to read it to him tonight. Before beginning, however, I spelled out the words on the cover. He was able to identify C, A, T, E, H (for Horse!) and then sounded out the words 'CAT', 'HAT', and 'THE'. I suspect it will not be long before he will begin to understand spelling. In the meantime, he is making great strides in comprehension, however. Despite his fascination with the Japanese cartoon 'Anpanman'!

Andf that brings up yet another point. He loves to pretend to be heroes, including a character called 'Super Y' as well as the aforementioned Anpanman. However, he has realized that while most American children are not at all familiar with 'Anpanman', most Japanese children are. So when he is at daycare, he never pretends to be Anpanman, according to Amaguri, but when he is at his Japanese pre-school, he does. We suspect that he did that at daycare, only to be met with blank faces, whereas in his Japnese pre-school, the other children completely understood. He is beginning to understand the cultural differences that separate American and Japanese children. Wow.

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