Tuesday, May 13, 2008



i think chibiguri is going to be a real musician. While we were in Japan, I met up with some of my musician friends. One of said friends is an excellent jazz guitarist who owns a little izakaya in southern japan, where he plays guitar for his clients. we naturally paid him a visit while we were in japan to say hello.

While we were there, he prevailed on me to sing a few tunes while he accompanied me on guitar. However, chibiguri was fascinated my the microphone. After observing how to use it, he decided to make it his own, and while my firend and I were taking a break, he treated the clientele to an impromptu concert of his 'singing'. While he was not enunciating real words, he also later 'sang' along with me, and showed an admirable pitch- he was not at all tone-deaf, which is quite amazing for a two-and-a-half year old.

In addition, while I was singing, he accompanied me with words of his own invention and once again was able to stay on key remarkably well. Even I was impressed- I did not expect him to perform that well. I can only hope that he continues to develop, as music is one of the most enjoyable (and lucrative) hobbies one can engage in. And maybe he will turn into another Jero. As long as he doesn't turn into Wentz-kun, I shall be happy...

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