Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The Piano

Yesterday, I had my mother's Steinway baby grand piano delivered to our house, after spending over four years in storage following her death in 2004. As chibiguri has previously evidenced an interest in musical instruments, I was curious to see how he would respond to the arrival of our very own keyboard instrument.

At first, he was not interested, as he did not appear to understand exactly what this new piece of furniture was. However, once I showed him the keyboard, memory kicked in and he immediately wanted to push down on the keys. I had to remind him that banging was not permitted- one should press gently but firmly on the keys so as to prevent damage from occurring. Once he understood this idea, chibiguri was fascinated.

he spent quite some time at the piano, pushing various keys. Which he is not yet able to create melodies, he was not untuneful either. In fact, I was quite impressed by his technique at such a young age. I believe that once he is old enough to take lessons, he will develop some skill on the keys. At least I hope so. Piano is an instrument that can bring a great deal of pleasure, whether one plays professionally or merely for personal enjoyment.

However, simply pressing the keys was not all that fascinated chibiguri. He quickly realized the there were various parts of the piano that opened and closed- specifically the music rack. I ensured that chibiguri does not yet know that the keyboard lid and the main lid open, but he did observe me opening the music rack, and instantly wanted to open and close it. As we were tinkling the ivories, he continuously demanded that I open and shut the music rack- he was deeply interested in watching me fold it open and closed. I dread the day he realizes that there are many more places on the piano that can also be opened and closed. I shall have to do my utmost to make sure he does not discover said areas until he is old enough to understand their purpose.

However, now that we have the piano, both Amaguri and I are planning to take some piano lessons- we both would like to be able to play piano better than we do at present. Since my sister was a former professional pianist, I am hoping that she can display her formidable skills for chibiguri's education and enjoyment. And I find myself looking forward to the day when all of us will be able to participate in playing music together. A musical family is one that shares an interest and this can be a wonderful way to bring disparate people together.

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