Monday, May 19, 2008


Parades & Pianos

chibiguri has long evidenced an interest in music. SO this past weekend, as I had to play in the Los Altos Pet Parade with a group from the South Bay Traditional Jazz Society, I decided to take him along. I knew that since there would be a large number of animals, this would be a good opportunity to try him out and see how he behaved in such a situation.

To my pleasure, he was very well-behaved. As usual, he was shy, since he didn't remember the rest of the band, but he sat on my lap throughout the parade, and enjoyed the sights and sounds. There were a number of animals, ranging from horses, to dogs to other pets, and he was quite pleased. I think he enjoyed being the center of attention as well.

After the parade finished, we stopped by the local Sherman Clay store for some accessories for the piano. while there, the salesman showed us the Steinway Room, wherein they had a piano from the Van Cliburn collection, as well as one from the Vladimir Horowitz collection.

chibiguri was fascinated by all the pianos, and began to play as many of them as he could. To my pleasure, instead of banging, he pressed the keys, and though his technique left something to be desired, he was not abusive, and he demonstrated some musicality in his choice of key combinations. I was pleased with this, and with the store's permission, allowed him to continue playing until he let me know that he was ready to leave.

I think that chibiguri will be a musician- it only remains to see what instrument he decides to take up. I would hope that he decides on brass, but if he chooses something else, I will be equally pleased. As long as he stays away from drums and guitar- those two are definitely not my first preference!

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