Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Jet Lag

chibiguri returned from Japan with his mother last weekend. However, while he was delighted to see me (and vice-versa), the return did bring a few problems with it.

Firstly, chibiguri is still operating on Japan time. This means he tends to sleep at inconvenient hours, and to expect Mommy and Daddy to do the same. the day he came back, his mother desired a nap, so I took chibiguri out shopping (we needed milk for a very thirsty little guy). He was very active during this excursion, and remained in a state of high energy for some time after returning. However, he finally conked out around 3 PM that afternoon. One would think we were quite grateful for this. One would be wrong.

The problem with chibiguri sleeping at 3 PM was his re-awakening, once again in a state of high energy, at around 8 PM that evening. As I needed to return to work the following morning, I attempted to sleep, but chibiguri was having none of that idea, insistently doing his best to keep me (and his mother) awake to keep him company.

The second problem was chibiguri's toy collection. During his sojourn in japan, he acquired a collection of small plastic animals and die-cast metal cars, which he naturally insisted on bringing into the bed with him (shades of his father, I must confess!). However, trying to sleep with a die-cast car collection and a hard plastic animal collection is not exactly comfortable- especially when a very noisy little guy is also in the bed!

His sleeping habits are continuing to operate on Japan time as I write this, but I did break the schedule by forcing him to wake earlier than he would have liked this morning to go to daycare for the first time in over a month (he cried when he realized I was not going to remain with him this morning, unfortunately). So I have hopes that he will be sufficiently tired this evening to sleep at a time more convenient for amaguri and me!

Should this not occur, I think that the time to move chibiguri into his own sleeping quarters has finally arrived. Hopefully, chibiguri will agree with this assessment, but I fear that may not be the case. We shall see. In the menatime, it is delightful to have chibiguri and Amaguri back home- i spent a week in an empty house and that was not the most fun i have ever had. Despite the drawbacks of chibiguri's presence, I am happy to have him back home.

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