Sunday, May 18, 2008


Fire Trucks & Horses

Today we took chibiguri to a local park, as they were advertising 'Frire Truck Day'. Since little chibiguri has evidenced an interest in said fire trucks, we thought he would be entertained. Well, we were right- he was entertained, just not in the manner we had expected.

The event was held at a local park that is also an operating farm. As such, they have a horse-drawn railway, a number opf farm animals, including cows, goats, horses, chickens, etc, and several other agriculturally-related exhibits. On this day, they also had fire engines from the surrounding fire departments. These engines included a monster hook-and-ladder rig from the Fremont Fire Department, several old-fashioned trucks from several departments, a police command trailer, paramedic trucks and other displays. There was also a play area, a band (which frightened chibiguri as they had one of their members dressed as a gigantic spider), food, and other displays.

We took chibiguri to all the fire trucks, but found that he was more interested in the farm animals! When we took him to an old 1931 truck operated by the Newark Fire Department, he was more interested in the baby goats immediately behind the truck.And he was frankly frightened by the big hook-and-ladder. He did enjoy the police command trailer though- he spent more time there than all the other fire apparatus combined! However, the firemen were all very kind to chibiguri, and he ended up with a hat and two separate badges- one from each of his local fire departments. One of the firemen, in fact, confided to chibiguri that he also preferred farm animals to fire equipment! He was also magnetized by the horses, of which there were quite a number, both ridden by the mounted patrol and working on the farm equipment. On the way out, in fact, he insisted on stopping and observing the horse-drawn railway, which was just being hitched up for a ride.

All in all, it was a successful day and I think that chibiguri had a good time. However, I think that his interests still lie more in the area of living creatures than they do in the line of mechanized equipment- no matter how large or impressive!

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