Thursday, May 15, 2008



Since returning from the Land of the Rising Sun, chibiguri has developed a distaste for being separated from his parents. This was evidenced in his clinginess the past few days, wherein he would not allow Amaguri to perform the necessary household tasks, as he did not want to be separated, even by a few feet. In fact, when I returned home yesterday, I was required to keep him company while Amaguri made our dinner- something that his clinginess had previously prevented her from doing!

This has also been evident when I take him to daycare. This morning, for example, I woke him and gort him all ready to go. He was not displeased, as he had managed to get a good amount of sleep the previous night (though his habits of kicking his parents were not conducive to our own sleep!). But when we arrived at daycare, and he realized that I intended to leave him, he began to cry- behavior that had not been evident for quite some time.

I hope that this ceases as he re-acclimates to life in America, but it is interesting that he seems to be needier now than before visiting Japan. I am not sure whether this is because he became accustomed to our constant presence, or whether he simply was discombobulated by my early departure. In any case, I trust he will soon re-acclimate, for both his own well-being and for ours.

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