Friday, May 16, 2008



chibiguri has figured out that drawers are for climbing! Previously, when he wanted milk, he would wait for me or for Amaguri to hoist him to the counter, where he could press the Start button on the microwave. However, last night, he determined that waiting was just too passe- much better to do on his own.

So he climbed up to the counter, using the closed drawers as steps. This surprised me, as I did not think he would be able to do that. Silly me- I should have been well aware that chibiguri is a climber who does not take kindly to either letting others do for him what he can do for himself. And I know that he can climb things and places I would have thought were beyond his capabilities.

Now that he has proven his ability to climb up to the counter, I suppose we will need to reconsider our home's child-proofing. Darn....


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