Thursday, May 29, 2008



Getting chibiguri into bed in the evenings is becoming a difficult undertaking. He has his own idea of when he ought to go to bed, and it rarely coincides with ours. But we are beginning to manage the pattern. The usual course of events is as follows:

chibiguri gets out of the bath and we relax on the couch, usually sampling fruits or other light snacks. When we announce that it is bedtime, chibiguri wil put up a fuss. This usually is centered around his desire to watch Little Einsteins, or some other video/DVD on the television (which he still calls 'beebee'). We finally tell him that he can watch it once, but that then he needs to go to bed. he always promises that he will be amenable to sleep once he gets his wish. we then watch the video.

Upon the DVD's conclusion, chibiguri is once again informed that it is time to go to sleep. He invariably forgets that he promised to go to bed, and once again puts up a fuss. Finally, we simply go to bed, leaving him in the living room. Since he gets lonely in short order, he will usually come to bed crying, and wanting to be in the middle. Once there, it is not long before he drops off to sleep at last.

The rare occasions when this does not happen are when we are actually watching something on TV and he is with us. he will quite often drop off to sleep in the middle of watching, which allows us to carry him to his own bed, and lets us actually sleep without a little squirmer in the middle. Regrettably, this is rare- it is more common to go through the argumentative stage before he finally goes to sleep.


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