Wednesday, March 05, 2008



chibiguri has developed a fascination with Spiderman, possibly due to his exposure to said character at his daycare provider. Initially, he was able only to enunciate the 'suman' part of his favorite character's name, but more recently, he has successfully mastered the full name of his hero 'Spiderman'! He has taken to moving as much like Spiderman as possible, and will suddenly begin pretending to throw webs and swing from building at the slightest provocation. He has also begun moving into increasingly athletic performances on the playground, according to amaguri. He swings from heightsd and he is willing to work on a move until he masters it.

At home, he will leap from table to the couch, and jump from chairs to the floor. then he grins up winningly at whomever is witnessing these increasingly impressive actions and says 'Spiderman'. However, his afffection for Spiderman is helpful when it comes to persuading him to do things he would otherwise rather avoid- all one has to do is tell him 'Spiderman does this' and he will submit to whatever it is that we want him to do- from putting on his pajamas (he still has a preference for nudity) to brushing his teeth. How long this will last is anyone's guess but for the moment it is a successful ploy.

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