Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Poopy Problems

One would think that when one is two-and-a-half, toilet trqaining would be nearly complete. In the case of chibiguri, one would be stunningly incorrect. So far, we have not been able to teach chibiguri that it is necessary to inform us BEFORE he needs to go. This occasionally leads to some interesting interludes.

Yesterday, I was picking up chibiguri from daycare when he made his usual request to go to his favorite store to play with trains. Since it was fairly early, I acquiesced, and we proceeded to go there. Naturally, chibiguri pooped. As I took him to the restroom for changing, I realized I only had one more diaper, and so informed him, stating that if he went again, we would have to go home. chibiguri listened carefully and asid 'yes' when i asked him if he understood.

After some more time, chibiguri pooped again. He didn't tell me before, but afterwards, he told me that he had pooped and his rear was painful. I told him I had no more spare diapers, then asked him if he was ready to go home. Previously, he had answered in the negative, but this time he answered in the affirmative. This gives me encouragement that maybe one day soon, he will actually begin telling us in advance of his little accidents thus enabling us to retire the diaper once and for all.

chibiguri is also not too fond of the diaper, as he really seems to want to wear 'big-boy' pants- no diaper. However, both amaguri and I continue to tell chibiguri that only when he begins to notify us regularly when he needs to visit the facilities will he be able to wear 'big-boy' pants sans diaper. We all hope that day comes sooner rather than later....

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