Thursday, March 13, 2008


Mastering the Tricycle

chibiguri was given a tricycle for his second birthday by his wonderful Aunt. Unfortunately, when he first received it, his legs were not quite long enough to be able to pedal, so he used his feet to push himself along. However, this has completely changed as of yesterday.

I returned home from work to find chibiguri busily pedaling around the back-yard, his legs churning away as his little tricycle circled the path around the yard. He was able to start, stop and even do a little backwards pushing, without assistance from either myself or from amaguri. Naturally, I was delighted, so I asked amaguri when this achievement had occurred.

She tells me that all day, chibiguri insisted on going around the block, and persevered until he finally mastered the skill of riding his tricycle. He would not stop until he was able to successfully maneuver his machine in all the necessary direction for independent movement. And naturally, chibiguri was mightily pleased with himself, as he had every right to be. Even when amaguri went inside to cook dinner, chibiguri insisted I remain outside with him to watch his newfound skill in practice. And he can maneuver at an astonishing speed for someone who was unable to pedal by himself until yesterday!

he was so pleased that he even wanted to bring the tricycle inside the house with him when darkness finally fell, but I put my foot down at that request- the tricycle is an outdoor vehicle, and is not allowed into the house. chibiguri was unhappy, but accepted the finality of our decision, being somewhat compensated by our assurance that he would be able to ride again the following day, provided the weather was cooperative.

I can't wait to see what skills he has acquired today in my absence- it seems every day i return, he has masstered another skill. Now, if he could only remember the darn alphabet....

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