Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Light Switches

chibiguri has a fascination with light switches and in fact, switches in general. he wants to turn on and off any switch he can get his little hands on. His favorites are the bedroom and kitchen/garage switches.

Every time we enter or leave the house, chibiguri insists on turning on/off the lights and closing or opening the garage door, since that is also switch-controlled. The light switches are within reach, though he has to use a chair for the kitchen one. He will go get a chair from the kitchen table, drag it over to the door, and then climb on the chair to turn the switch on or off. And e is insistent if we forget to let him do that. he will start jumping up and down saying his name, until we turn the switch to its previous position and let him do it himself.

He does this in our bedroom as well. Part of the bedtime routine is chibiguri dragging over his little plastic chair, turning off the light, then telling us 'ne-ne', which means 'sleep' in Japanese.

he also likes to open and close the garage door. While I have not so far let him see how I do it from inside the car (no need to start that this early), he is fully aware of the switch inside the garage, and he also is insistent that he be allowed to close the garage door when we return to the house. he will stand on the steps, holding his arms out to be licked up and lifted to the level of the switch so he can then close the door. he is able to understand that it is not a toy, so he will simply do it once and then he is happy. Of course, if we forget, we have to open the door for him to close!

I'm not sure where this fascination will lead, if anywhere, but at the moment, he is certainly interested in being the Switch-man.

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